My shaken morning rituals.

Not much coffee is being drank by myself lately. Zero cups in 6 days–to be exact. Not that I’m counting.

Yes- that is one of the few things that this Lent season has brought forth; or more appropriately, removed.

My morning ritual is similar to everyone else’s- wake up, let the dog out, turn on the keurig, and inhale all that deliciousness bundled up into that cup.

It has been going better than I expected. Even this past weekend, when I knew hubby was going to be able to drink his. I was preparing for a weak, moody, and coffee deprived version of myself. Which I have seen a few times in the past few days, but I don’t know if I can blame that entirely on not having my morning coffee.
To be fair, I did replace my morning cup of joe with other stand-ins; such as OJ, Milk, and Tea.

Coffee isn’t necessarily the biggest and best thing that a person can give up, however it is what spoke to me when I was reading an article about Lent. And let me tell you, I kept reading that long list to see if anything else would speak to me, because I did not want to give up my morning coffee. As that day went on, I knew that if I chose to fast on something else, I would be cheating the system, because it would be something easier to go without. Something not as substantial as the relationship between myself and coffee, and the relationship is very real.

Biblical fasting is a withholding of things – good things – that have taken a too-important role in our lives. -SheReadsTruth

As you can see, I love coffee. So much, that it’s in the title of my blog. But, I love God more. And I want to show him that. That is why I decided to give up coffee for lent. Not because coffee takes away my time from the Lord (quite the opposite), but because every morning I can refocus the importance back on God. So He can make me strong, not weak. So He can remove the moody attitude, and fill my heart with joy and peace. So that He can be the caffeine that I crave.

I think the greatest thing about fasting is that every time you want to have that can of pop, box of candy, -or cup of coffee- is that you are reminded why. Why are you doing this? Why are you fasting? And how unsubstantial it really is in the big scheme of what God gave up for us. For me, every morning I am reminded of why I can’t have my cup of coffee, it isn’t a whine, it is more of a thank you to God for the amazing things He had to do, to get me here.


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