Getting use to the mess.

I took my dog to the V-E-T today. That’s how we talk now. It goes the same for, W-A-L-K or car R-I-D-E, and I think he is catching on to those as well. Anyways, he weighed in at 43.5lbs for a 4.5 month old yellow lab. We are getting BIG, where did my puppy go!? We were finally able to stay still -with the help of a tasty treat just out of nose reach- while the scale calculated his new weight. I was pretty proud.

After the V-E-T, we headed on over to the BarkPark. (He still doesn’t know that one yet!) Although we were all alone for most of the time, we still managed to enjoy ourselves. As I threw the ball and watched Kota run after it (thank you fetch-it) I couldn’t help but remember when I was nervous about getting a dog in the first place.  I mean, isn’t everyone? Your getting a new member of the family, and what happens if you realize that your not a dog person!?

I was so afraid of that. I was afraid that the lifestyle that the dog would need would interfere with the lifestyle that I wanted to live. It’s been a bit of an adjustment once we got Kota. Everything takes just a bit longer, floors don’t stay clean for nearly as long, and there is hair everywhere. At the same time this adjustment has been so good. He keeps us moving; we no longer purge on a Netflix series. We get up and we go!

Being that we are 4 and a half months old, I think we hit some milestones. We are past the infatuation with the toilet paper. We are over the humping phase (halleluiah). And, do I dare jinx myself and say that we have learned what are doggie toys and what are not. Welp-I just did it..

While I can make a very long list about the things that we are still going through-such as, the love of the cat box, the cat itself, attacking the broom/vacuum while trying to clean, working on not jumping up on people, I think I will just make light on the fact that at 4.5 months old, I have a really well tempered dog whose face just melts my heart, and that I really do love.  And whose really going to remember if I had clean or dirty floors?

Were you nervous to get your pet? What were some things that you had to get accustom to once you brought them home?





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