Wandering Together.

We recently moved to a new town in North Dakota, Spring of 2013. It was exciting- new places to go and all new people to meet, and at the same time we were both a little nervous. We spent a few Friday and Saturdays just driving around and getting accustomed to where things were. We wandered inside, as well as outside the city limits  just to see all of its views, surroundings, and offerings.

We didn’t know exactly where we would go, or where we would end up, but it was an adventure. We went on all roads from highways to minimum maintenance roads, just to see where it would take us. We preferred the country to the city, and that’s probably why we now live where we do.

I believe great things happen when you do something abnormal to your normal. You learn more about yourself when you are put in situations where you have never been. You rely on others, and in return grow into a better you. How good does it feel when you conquer something all by yourself, or in our case- as a team. It feels great!

That’s what we have done. We moved to a place where we didn’t know anyone. And slowly but surely we gained our footings. And it feels great to have accomplished all we have in just under a year. Here has become our Home, for the time being that is. We may wander again later.



5 thoughts on “Wandering Together.

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