What am I all about?

Some tidbits about Kota+Coffee

I may have an addiction slight obsession with coffee, and that love is often expressed in my blog. This relationship started when I was in college–had to keep myself warm during those North Dakota winters!–and now its a full on marriage. Til death do us part.

Speaking of North Dakota! That is where my husband and I live–we will call him E on this blog. Wonder why we live here? And “by force” is not the answer. I was born and raised here, and hopefully my blog will bring some light onto the mysterious state of ND. I will answer a few questions though; people do live here, yes we have modern transportation AND believe it or not we have indoor toilets!

We recently moved to a new town roughly a year ago. Bought a new house. Got a puppy. And just trying to figure it all out. I love to blog about our every day life, antics, adventures, struggles, and wishes. And of course this magic all happens with my best friend, coffee my husband. I have to say that right!?

So grab your morning whatever, and come along for the ride. I love to hear from others and read other blogs!


2 thoughts on “What am I all about?

  1. Following from Blogging 101. ND is one of the few states I have not visited. Here I was complaining about a l’il snow in Kentucky in April. I don’t want to know from ND winters! We share a love of coffee. I even managed a coffee bar for a short while before my 2nd child was born.

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