Love is always the answer.

And coffee is a close second. If it isn’t, add liquor to said coffee.

I live in a state (born and raised) that recently had a winter with an average temperature of 4 degrees. Not counting the wind. During those months coffee
volume increases in my household. Side note: Pregnancy rates also increase, just not in this household.

We have moved 5 times in the past 3 years. Crazy? We think so too. But God guided us through our times of unknown and we have made some roots in the past year; new city, new jobs, new house, and a new puppy.

Speaking of Kota, he is a 6 month old, +50 lbs, yellow Labrador Retriever. To say we haven’t felt like the characters in the movie ‘Marley and Me’, would be a lie. I have a lot of “I love you” feelings all mashed together with “He’s throwing up another sock” feeling. Top that off with a cat, Ralph, that just wants us to get a refund on that purchase.

This next year looks like being just as exciting. Between; finishing our basement, expanding our family (still waiting…), seeking out a stronger relationship with God, and exploring more of this beautiful state. (It is beautiful, trust me).

I seek the Lord. I blog our adventures. All go hand in hand, with my morning cup of coffee.


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